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Frequently Asked Questions

Bondezz™ pads are made from cellulose, the main component of plant cell walls. The pads are non-toxic and activate on contact with water, bonding tightly for a comfortable, form-fitting, sanitary seal.

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The Bondezz Pad is recognized by the FDA as a Class 1 Medical Device.

Bondezz pad is made of Cellulose which is an important structural component of the primary cell wall of green plants. When wet the Bondezz pad entraps the moisture and expands within the Bondezz pad creates a suction fit to the gums and denture, providing an all-day hold.

The FDA recommetds replacing Bondezz pad daily.

Bondezz is the only denture device that allows you to remove your denture and rinse the pad. You may even fully freshen your same pad by applying a liquid mouth wash to the pad for five seconds then rinse and put back in  our mouth.

The more you chew the better the suction fit attaches to the gums.

Yes, Bondezz comes in one size for lower denture and upper denture. It needs no trimming and does not have to fit the whole denture. It is important to overlap the pad from front to back of the lower denture to prevent food from getting between the denture and the gum causing pain when chewing. The only time cutting is required is if you are using a partial. 

No, there is no scraping and scrubbing tough Gorilla glue from your gums or denture.

Follow the directions either on-line or the instructional pamphlet inside the package. Here are some hints when you are starting to apply the pad. Lay it on top of the denture and hold tightly with one hand and apply some water to the pad and lightly press the pad into the denture channel, smoothing the pad lightly. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO WAIT ONE MINUTE BEFORE putting in your mouth..

Bondezz pad works very well for partial plates. For lower partial use the lower pads and for upper partial us the upper pad. Trim to fit and apply water to the pad and wait one minute and put in the mouth.