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Bondezz Adhesive Free Denture Pads Upper Twin Pack

Bondezz Adhesive Free Denture Pads Upper Twin Pack

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Bondezz™ Adhesive Free Denture Pads provide a secure bond between your gums and dentures with just a splash of water. Our patented application system gives superior comfort and eliminates the mess associated with other adhesives. Bondezz™ is all-natural, easy to insert and remove, and suitable for full dentures, partials, implant supported dentures, and orthodontic appliances. Enjoy a mess free, comfortable experience with Bondezz™ Adhesive Free Denture Pads. NOTE: overlap the excess pad over the denture in order to keep food particles out. For the best results, let the denture with the wet pad stand for 1 min before inserting in mouth. Good Chewing

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