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Bondezz Adhesive Free Denture Pads Full Set Twin Pack

Bondezz Adhesive Free Denture Pads Full Set Twin Pack

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The Bondezz Adhesive Free Denture Pads Twin Pack provides a secure, mess-free denture bond that lasts all day. Our patented application system uses water to create a natural bond between gums and dentures that is comfortable and secure. Suitable for full dentures, partials, orthodontic appliances, and implant supported dentures, Bondezz™ adhesive pads are easy to insert and remove and help keep food particles out. Enjoy mess-free comfort and superior stability with Bondezz™.Look no further than Bondezz™ Adhesive Free Denture Pads for a secure, comfortable fit for your full dentures, partials, and orthodontic appliances. With no mess or fuss, just a quick splash of water, our patented application system applies easily and can be removed with ease. Enjoy a natural, mess-free experience with Bondezz™. Overlap the excess pad over the denture before inserting for extra protection from food particles. For best results, let the denture stand with the wet pad for 1 minute before inserting in the mouth.

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