Introducing Bondezz™ Pad

Watch How Simple It Is To Use Our Lower Bondezz™ Pad

Watch How Simple It Is To Use Our Upper Bondezz™ Pads

Bondezz Adhesive Free Denture Pads

Things To Know About Bondezz™

  • No Glue! No Mess!

    No More Awful Taste of Powder & Glue Adhesives

  • All Natural & Made in USA

    Safe, Natural & Non-Toxic. Product Made in USA.

  • No Trimming Needed

    Protect Your Gums With An Incredibly Comfortable Fit

  • Suction Lasts All Day

    Smile, Eat & Laugh With Complete Confidence

We Invite You To Experience The Bondezz Difference

Many denture wearers struggle with uncomfortable, painful dentures not to mention the awful taste of the glues, creams or powders that is often used to hold them in. Bondezz is a soft, all-natural adhesive free pad that uses water to form a strong, comfortable bond between your gums and pad without the offensive taste.

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You deserve to eat, drink, chew, and smile without worrying about your dentures. Bondezz™ makes it easy to do just that with our 100% adhesive-free, water-based technology that forms a strong bond, so you can smile, laugh, enjoy life, and worry about one less thing. Just take a look at what our many happy, smiling customers have to say.

Dr. Michael Smith, DMD

Dear Mr. Joseph Scivoletto, I just wanted to write you a quick note to let you know how my patients felt about your product, Bondezz. To put it mildly, they loved it!

I gave out samples to both patients that were new to dentures and also to patients that have had dentures for years. All of them were very impressed with the fit and feel and holding power of Bondezz pads. I was not as surprised by the patients that had upper dentures but I was very surprised about he patients with lower dentures. As you know, patients with lower dentures are very hard to please. They all said ti was a lot easier than using "the glue" they were used to. The placement and cleanup were much easier. The only question they had was "where can I get more of these?"

Thanks again for the samples and I hope this product takes off for you so my patients can continue to use it.

Feedback After Using Bondezz™ Pads

With Bondezz™, You Can Finally Eat, Drink, Smile & Enjoy Life With Ease. At Last, A Denture Product That Gives You The Confidence To Enjoy Life, Stress-Free.

Smiles, Eat & Laugh With Complete Confidence.

Bondezz has developed a new innovative application system that will give denture wearers a superior quality of life using our Adhesive-Free Denture Pads. Bondezz can be used with full dentures, partials, implant supported dentures & partials, as well as with orthodontic appliances and braces. Bondezz Bonds To The Gums & Denture Securely, Lasting All Day Long.

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What is Bondezz™ made of?

Bondezz™ pads are made from cellulose, the main component of plant cell walls. The pads are non-toxic and activate on contact with water, bonding tightly for a comfortable, form-fitting, sanitary seal.

Where can I purchase Bondezz™?

You can purchase Bondezz right here on our website at the Buy Now tab.

How is Bondezz™ different from other denture products on the market?

The Bondezz Pad is recognized by the FDA as a Class 1 Medical Device.

How Does Bondezz Hold Without Adhesive?

Bondezz pad is made of Cellulose which is an important structural component of theprimary cell wall of green plants. When wet the Bondezz pad entraps the moisture and expands within the Bondezz pad creates a suction fit to the gums and denture, providing an all-day hold.

Can Bondezz Pad Be Reused?

The FDA recommetds replacing Bondezz pad daily.

I Rinse My Dentures After Eating. Can I Re-Apply the SAME pad?

Bondezz is the only denture device that allows you to remove your denture and rinse the pad. You may even fully freshen your same pad by applying a liquid mouth wash to the pad for five seconds then rinse and put back in  our mouth.

Will Bondezz Hold Securely While I'm Eating?

The more you chew the better the suction fit attaches to the gums.

Does Bondezz Come in One Size Fits All?

Yes, Bondezz comes in one size for lower denture and upper denture. It needs no trimming and does not have to fit the whole denture. It is important to overlap the pad from front to back of the lower denture to prevent food from getting between the denture and the gum causing pain when chewing. The only time cutting is required is if you are using a partial. 

Is Bondezz Difficult To Remove From The Denture?

No, there is no scraping and scrubbing tough Gorilla glue from your gums or denture.

How Do I Apply Bondezz Pad?

Follow the directions either on-line or the instructional pamphlet inside the package. Here are some hints when you are starting to apply the pad. Lay it on top of the denture and hold tightly with one hand and apply some water to the pad and lightly press the pad into the denture channel, smoothing the pad lightly. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO WAIT ONE MINUTE BEFORE putting in your mouth..

Can I Use Bondezz If My Denture Has Been Professionally Re-lined?


Will Bondezz Guide Against Bone Loss?


Can Bondezz Be Used On Partial Plates?

Bondezz pad works very well for partial plates. For lower partial use the lower pads and for upper partial us the upper pad. Trim to fit and apply water to the pad and wait one minute and put in the mouth.